About Us


Classico Cristallo was built on a dream. Co-founder Angelo had always loved fashion, and dreamed of opening his own fashion line, but never knew where to start. Co-founder Nick, a budding entrepreneur, had started up a number of companies, but was still waiting for his big break. Nick, hungry for more, saw a golden opportunity. Having experience in the industry, Nick knew all the ins and outs of the business. All he needed was a designer to bring it all together. With Nick's business acumen and Angelo's eye for design, the pair knew they could break into the fashion world. A partnership was formed, and two have worked tirelessly to create and expand the Classico Cristallo brand.

Since its creation, Nick and Angelo knew that Classico Cristallo brand must stand out from other companies in the fashion industry. We at Classico Cristallo work everyday to optimize our business to make sure every facet stands out. Our mission is deliver the hottest and most eye catching apparel without compromising price. We work with a multitude of design houses from across the world, and select only the best, most affordable pieces for our clothing line. Unlike most companies in the industry, we value our customers loyalty to our brand. We are nothing without you, and that is why we have set up a rewards program. Every time you complete an eligible action, you will receive points. After accruing enough points, you can redeem them for price reductions on future orders. For more information, visit our FAQ page to read about our rewards program.

As a small company, we value our customers, and put the utmost importance on customer care and interaction. Our Customer Support team is constantly checking on orders and customer requests to make sure we provide whatever you need. We know that there is inherent risk with buying clothes online. How will you know if the clothing will fit, or how it will look on you without trying it on? That is why we have set up the Try and Exchange policy. When you clothing arrives, if they do not fit right, just let us know, and we will send the product in a better size. For more information visit our Try and Exchange page.